Child and Family Plan of Care

Family-Driven Planning

The Child and Family Plan of Care is a family-driven plan of comprehensive, integrated treatment, supports, and services, developed in partnership with the family. It reflects the parent’s or caregivers’ goals, priorities, strengths, culture, and needs. This serves as the Medicaid treatment plan, with plans for parent-child intervention as well as services and supports, not only for the child, but for the parents and siblings as well. This plan is continually reviewed and revised as new goals and priorities emerge. It is reviewed at least every three months.

Parents complete a Service Needs Inventory for Families (SNIFF), which reviews eight areas of community-based services and supports and assures that the needs of the child and family are addressed comprehensively. The past services, current services, and desired services are explored by the Care Coordinator and caregiver together. This information is revised in an ongoing manner whenever new service needs are evident. These service needs are integrated into the Child and Family Plan of Care.

Community Supports

The areas of community-based support are:

Child Services

  • Child development and early education
  • Child behavior and emotions
  • Child health services

Family Services

  • Parent support
  • Adult education and employment
  • Family health services
  • Adult mental health
  • Social services and other concreate needs.