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With an unwavering commitment to serve more families with comprehensive services and to meet their unique needs, two of the leading evidence-based home visiting models-Nurse-Family Partnership and Child First-have united.

Together, our unified organization will have a greater reach and offer a more holistic continuum of care for families and children experiencing the effects of poverty and adversity.

What We Do

What We Do

Child First is a national, evidence-based, two-generation model that works with very challenged young children and families, providing intensive, mental-health, home-visiting services.

When young children grow up in environments where there is violence, neglect, mental illness, or substance abuse, the stress can be toxic to their developing brains. But, we can intervene to prevent this damage. Scientific research demonstrates that we can make a difference if we:

  • Work to connect families to needed community-based services to decrease the stress, and
  • Build strong, loving, parent-child relationships that protect and heal the brain from trauma and stress. Our goal is a young brain focused on learning rather than a brain focused on survival.

Child First develops nurturing, consistent, and responsive parent-child relationships.

Child First Breaks the Cycle of Trauma in Families

The National Program Expands in Colorado

Standing in Solidarity …

We join leaders and communities across the country in pain, outrage, and anguish as we condemn both systemic and personal racism and the social injustice that is deeply rooted in our society. Read more....

Announcing Child First's NCTSI Category II Center: The Center For Prevention and Early Trauma Treatment

Child First's COVID-19
Response and Resources

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Child First Has Proven to be Effective



Decrease in language problems in children receiving the Child First intervention.



Decrease in aggressive and defiant behaviors in children receiving the Child First intervention.



Decrease in depression or mental health problems in mothers receiving the Child First intervention