You can help make a difference in the life of a young child and family facing enormous challenges– support the work of Child First to help struggling families build strong relationships that heal and protect young children from trauma and stress.

Through your generous donations, our work impacts families in countless ways:

  • A three year old boy is no longer violent at preschool and feels supported and secure in his relationship with his parents
  • A mom is able to heal from her depression and is available for her young children who are now playing and talking more.
  • A toddler who was unresponsive and anxious now laughs and plays with her siblings and mother because the family is now living in a safe apartment and mom feels better able to take care of her children.

Your contribution in Child First is an investment in better outcomes for vulnerable young children.  Child First has proven results – read about the impact on our families and our results. DONATE via paypal.