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100% will go to respond to families' urgent needs.


Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the challenges and social injustice that so many families were already facing are now severely exacerbated. Our families are suffering from the lack of basic necessities, especially food, formula, diapers, and cleaning supplies; the loss of jobs; lack of funds to pay for rent or utilities; the tension of very close quarters with multiple children and adults; family members ill with COVID 19; lack of emergency transportation; lack of health insurance; lack of communication technology – phones or internet, and isolation. In these circumstances, new levels of stress, anxiety, and fear are emerging, resulting in child abuse, interpersonal violence, depression and other mental health problems, substance abuse, and extreme dysregulation of child behavior.

Child First feels an intense need to respond directly to the urgent needs of our families and, as a result, we have created a COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund.  All monies raised for the Fund will be distributed directly to our affiliate agencies to be used only for the urgent needs of our Child First families, as we have described above. We urge you to help us get resources directly into the hands of our families and help them avoid hunger, eviction, and severe health risk!

Donations to Child First help heal families from the effects of toxic stress!

‚ÄčYour contribution in Child First is an investment in better outcomes for vulnerable young children. 

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