Child First COVID-19 - Message from Our CEO

A Message from Our CEO

This is an unprecedented time in our nation and in the world. The stress and hardships that are being experienced are especially overwhelming to those families who were already trying to cope with multiple challenges, including poverty, mental health problems, interpersonal violence, substance abuse, food insecurity, lack of health care, and unstable housing. It is clear that the support and services that we at Child First can offer to the most vulnerable young children and families are needed now more than ever.

Child First is committed to serving both our existing families as well as new referrals with acute needs. At this time, the challenges families were already facing are now severely exacerbated. New levels of stress and anxiety are emerging, among them: the fear of becoming critically ill with COVID 19; the absence of basic necessities, like food, formula, diapers, and cleaning supplies; the close quarters of families with multiple children; the fear of possible eviction; job loss; and the closure of most outside avenues for social support.

We know that child abuse and neglect, depression and other mental health problems, domestic violence, substance abuse, and extreme dysregulation of child behavior are all likely to increase. It is our goal to provide excellent services to Child First families through this time of crisis. We want our families to know we are here to support them, and they are not alone at this critical time.

Child First NPO is extremely proud of the diligent work of all of our affiliate agencies in support of the most vulnerable young children and families. We are deeply thankful for the incredible services that our affiliate agencies are providing!

With warm regards,


Darcy Lowell, MD


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