Our Impact

Rigorous research shows that Child First families become stronger and healthier.  Results of a randomized, controlled trial demonstrated that at 12 month follow-up, Child First intervention families had strong positive outcomes, as compared to Usual Care control families:

  • Child First children were 68% less likely to have language problems and 42% less likely to have aggressive and defiant behaviors.

  • Child First mothers had 64% lower levels of depression and/or mental health problems.

  • Child First families were 39% less likely to be involved with child protective services, which was sustained at 33% at 3 year follow-up.

  • Child First families had a 98% increase in access to community services supports.

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Edward Zigler, Ph.D.

“I consider Child First one of the most impressive interventions for young children that I have ever witnessed in my long lifetime.”

Edward Zigler, Ph.D.
Founder and Director Emeritus
Zigler Center for Child Development at Yale University
Founder of Head Start

Jack Shonkoff, M.D.

Child First “integrates cutting edge understanding of brain science within a therapeutic intervention targeted toward the needs of the most vulnerable children and families.”

Jack P. Shonkoff, M.D.
Professor of Pediatrics
Harvard Medical School and Children's Hospital Boston
Director, Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University


Health and Human Services

Child First was designated by Health and Human Services (HHS) as one of the national, “evidence-based home visiting models” of the federal Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program (MIECHV). This was based on a comprehensive review of Child First research and outcomes. This designation gives states access to MIECHV funding for Child First replication.

Coalition for Evidence-Based Policy

The Coalition for Evidence-Based Policy, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, rated Child First as “Near Top Tier” in 2012. This organization identifies the most promising, evidence-based interventions. Only three early childhood programs have met this standard.

Child First Outcomes

Child First National Program Office monitors outcome data from all our affiliate sites on an ongoing basis. Services provided by our 15 CT sites have undergone a comprehensive evaluation. Outcome data has shown strong improvements in child problem behavior and social skills, child language development, maternal depression, and parent-child interaction.